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American Power Works can service and maintain your equipment, on-site, with our mobile repair and service unit.  Along with being the authorized warranty and service provider for Clean Energy Heating Systems and Mi-T-M, we can also service and maintain equipment by Clean Burn, Lanair, Reznor, EnergyLogic, Karcher, Alkota, Landa, and many more.  Our American Power Works Waste-Oil Heater Service will ensure your equipment is running at its optimal performance level.  Our technicians are professional and specialize in pressure washers, waste-oil heaters, and water treatment systems.  We service all of Oregon and Washington.

American Power Works feels that proper maintenance of your equipment should be a top priority for businesses.  Equipment downtime = loss money.  Not only can proper maintenance save you money, but it can also prolong the life of your equipment.  Contact us today at 1-877-218-0923 to put together a scheduled maintenance plan for your equipment so that it is one less thing for you to worry about. 

American Power Works 26-Point Waste-Oil Heater Service

Check to ensure proper operation prior to servicing
Clean out ash accumulation from heat chamber
Clean & inspect target
Clean out ash accumulation from exhaust chamber
Clean all three fuel filters - Tank, Canister, Fuel Pump
Bleed & Prime Fuel System
Clean electrodes of carbon deposits
Clean retention head of carbon deposits
Clean fuel nozzle of carbon deposits
Inspect draft pressure
Inspect for warpage, cracks, and corrosion inside heat chamber
Inspect insulation on door
Check Fuel Oil for contaminants
Inspect and check electrical wiring and component condition
Inspect Exhaust pipe condition
Adjust Air & Fuel PSI
Adjust Air intake Vain
Check Oil heat temperature and controls
Check Solenoids 
Check Regulators
Check Gasket condition
Inspect Fuel lines for leaks or damage
Inspect Cad Cell, Clean or replace as needed
Document hours of use since last service
Inspect and clean fans as needed
Advise Customer of conditions, Make recommendations & Replace parts as needed

Our professional technicians will leave the surrounding areas clean.

1-888-279-9274 x 4

With our mobile repair service, we can come onsight to service and maintain your waste-oil furnace and industrial or commercial pressure washer.  We service brands like CleanEnergy, Lanair, Clean Burn, EnergyLogic, Reznor, and Omni.  We also service all brands of pressure washers.  Call us today to schedule a repair or routine maintenance. 

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American Power Works offers a large selection of equipment for your business needs.  We offer sales and service on a wide range of products including hot and cold pressure washers, waste oil heaters, waste oil boilers, complete heating centers, aqueous parts washers, and a full line of water treatment systems with bio systems, oil & water separators, mechanical systems, and wash bay equipment – everything you need to keep your business running efficiently.  We are the authorized dealer for Mi-T-M industrial products and Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnaces.